May 10, 2010

Chatradhar Mahato's son is a face of Left Front Govt's success...

By Chandan Das

There is no Municipality in Lalgarh.Yet Lalgarh is there in the 81 Municipality elections in West Bengal. Strongly present.

Dhritiprasad Mahato lives in this same Lalgarh.

He is a class X student at Lalgarh Ramkrishna Bidyalaya (H.S.). He lives in Amlia village. The same village where Chatradhar Mahato hails from.

In fact young Dhritiprasad is a member of Chatradhar Mahato's family.

To be more specific, Dhritiprasad Mahato is Chatradhar Mahato's son.

On one hand,Chatradhar Mahato is a Trinamool call of his, and Mamata Banerjee had gone into the depth of Jungle mahal,even without her security personnels.

On the other hand, Chatradhar is a close ally of the Maoists.

Chatradhar Mahato is a visible example of the Maoist-Trinamool alliance.

Dhritiprasad is also an example.

Because Dhritiprasad goes to school,everyday. Sits in class. Studies diligently.

The committee formed by his father under the patronage of Trinamool Congress and Maoists and their subsequent reign of terror-murder-destruction had disturbed his education for a few months. But that obstacle has been removed by the state govt.

Maoists have attacked and killed SFI workers, organisers of the Krishak Sabha. School teachers,peasants,daily wagers have been martyred.

Still they are being butchered.

Yet,to strengthen the bright future of thousands of young people like Dhritiman Mahato and ensure that their tomorrow blossoms, Writers Building did not hesitate even 10mins to make the decision to remove the camp of security forces from their school premises. Subsequently all Govt efforts to maintain peace and allow his life to run unhindered has benefitted Dhritiprasad,as any child in his locality.

That is how Dhritiprasad is a natural example of the Left Front Govt's view towards progress and development.

Sujata Garudas or Samroj Sultana are examples too.

Their stories are a little different.

They hail from Nandigram...the place where Trinamool-Maoist alliance has grown and consolidated. These two girls' education, from Nandigram's Kalicharanpur or Saudkhali, is constantly facing obstacles. Main reason is financial distress and insecurity. Samroj Sultana, studying in class X, still has managed to continue her studies with great difficulties. But,Sujata Garudas's education has completely stopped after class VII. Similarly like her,Goutam Mondol, Durga Jana, Kakoli Jana cannot even cross the threshold to enter their schools. For more than one year now, along with their families, their address has become the shelter camp at Haldia. Nandigram is now Trinamool's dominion.

There is no place for Sujata and her family any more.

Dhritiprasad cannot even imagine such things in his life.

Dhritiprasad and Sujata Garudas - the two students' completely different life...what difference does it make to us?

Why should it matter to us?

Because...the conclusion drawn from their experiences tell us,where the Left Front takes or can take an initiative, life continues uninterrupted...and where Trinamool rules, or in the name of ruling, continues a reign of terror...there is only the ugly crashing noise of destruction of the dreams of Sujata Garudas...or hundreds of children like her.

Not just students, this is evident in the lives of scores of grownup people.

In simply 2yrs, the neglect and incompetence of Trinamool has become so intolerable that a doctor, an irritated, disgusted resident of East Midnapore's Moyna -1's panchayat, has written a letter complaining directly to the Central Minister for Rural Development, C P Joshi. He did not even try to make an effort to write to the Union Minister for Rural Development Sisir Adhikary, who is elected from the same East Midnapore to the Parliament.

Driving thousands of villagers out of their homes, spreading a complete reign on terror in East Midnapore, Trinamool had won the Jilla Parishad. Prior to that, more than 40 villagers from Nandigram and Khejuri had been sacrificed at the altar of friendship between the Maoists and Mamata Banerjee.

Nandigram, Kanthi, Tamluk...the district's maximum panchayat samitis were won by Trinamool. Everywhere the same glorious picture of 'victory'.

Same model we had seen in South 24 Parganas. Thousands are homeless in Bhangar, Canning...many have been murdered. Trinamool had attacked two MLAs even,in Falta and Sonarpur.


In the index of rural development in Bengal, taking all projects and programmes into account, Trinamool run East Midnapore stands at a 10th position.

South 24 Parganas stand at 18th...second from the last.

First position is held by Burdwan.

Second position is held by Coochbihar.

In both these areas, Trinamool is continuing its untiring efforts to capture areas through terror. (remember 5yr old Kochi, CPIM supporter Sahidur Mniya's little boy from Shitalkuchi,Coochbihar...?After 2009 Loksabha results, Trinamool goons had tied chocolate bombs to his arms with rubber band and set them on fire!!!)

The failure of Trinamool is evident everywhere.

South 24 Parganas stand at the sad 18th position in implementing 100 days work or NREGA project. East Midnapore is slightly ahead at 12th position. On account of creating labour days per family, 24 Parganas stand at 16. East Midnapore at 12.

West Midnapore has created 178 lakh 12 thousand labour days in one yr.

Its neoighbouring district East Midnapore has managed labour days even less than half of that number - 87 lakhs 71 thousand only.

Where North 24 Parganas has created 120lakh 10 thousand labour days, South 24 Parganas has managed to create only 1/3rd of it - 40 lakh 22 thousand.

Whether it is Panchayat or Municipality...service to the poor is very important.

How has Trinamool performed?

e.g. Building house for the poor. In the Indira Awaas Yojana East Midnapore stands 18th...and South 24 Parganas is just one step 17th.

Only 18.86% houses for the poor has been built out of the total targeted number in East Midnapore.

In the last one yr, 53 thousand 991 houses have been built in West Bengal for the minority families among the poor. East Midnapore's contribution to this account is only 680!!!

In the context of building permanent roads, statistics show that East Midnapore stands again at 18.

Those who have rendered the Panchayats to such a state,just imagine what would they do if they get their hold on our municipalities!!!

Not very hard to imagine...

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