May 29, 2010

From "Maoism" to Open Terrorism?

28th May, 2010

First they tried to assassinate the West Bengal chief minister through a land mine blast. Then they tried to create a liberated zone and murdered political opponents. Then they started killing some of "their own sympathisers".

Now, near Jhargram, by deliberately targeting ordinary citizens (two posters of the Peoples' Committee against Police Atrocities (PCAPA) were found in the derailment site) and killing 65 of them (as I write this) and injuring dozens of others, the Maoists and their front group - the PCAPA have killed the camel whose back they had already broken through loading several straws.

Mere outrage is not enough. Justice can be served to the victims of this gruesome rail tragedy, only by making those responsible feel the brunt of the law. The PCAPA's leaders at large should be brought to justice. And any pretense of a talks based solution to the Maoist challenge in West Bengal should now be given up.

And the Railway minister must resign. The lady has demonstrated a serial incompetence that was displayed in the handling of the motormen strike in Mumbai, her statements blaming the dead people themselves for a stampede in the New Delhi Railway Station, the repeated attacks on trains recently by the PCAPA and the Maoists etc, apart from the horrendous tragedy that was enacted yesterday night. And she and her partymen- the rabble rousing Kabir Suman in particular have openly colluded with the PCAPA and the Maoists in the near past, in their endeavour to take on the ruling government in West Bengal, by hook or crook. Her party is now answerable for this tragedy - a consequence of the PCAPA's activities, which were not merely condoned but also given political support in days not very much in the past.

The United Progressive Alliance government is also answerable for this disaster -dithering, dilly-dallying, oneupmanship and crass Realpolitik had blinded the home minister to the political ways of his coalition partner from West Bengal.

Lastly, those in the "civil society" who have condoned the Maoist/PCAPA activities in the near past, if they indeed have a capacity to retain their mental balance, should atleast now realise the futility of Maoist politics and its reduction to plain opportunism, violent, anarchic and irrational violence that kills the very people they claim to preponderantly represent.

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